The abolition of sadness

TheAbolitionOfSadness-300x450I’ve finally completed and published my novella, The abolition of sadness. There are links to it below – one of them offering a temporarily free download.

There’s something a little sad about letting it go out there into the wilderness. I enjoyed writing it and miss it even though I’m excited that I now have time to start writing something else. I think there are at least two novellas that will follow in the same series although I might take a break to write something else first.

I wrote a blurb but I hate writing blurbs and so it’s probably terrible – which I suppose is better than the book being terrible. Good grief, what if they’re both terrible! I promise the book is better than this blurb:

On a decades-long flight from Earth to another planet, Solace struggled with addiction. Put to sleep for the rest of the journey, he awakes to find himself on a frozen planet whose terraforming has only just begun. The colonists drift through their long lives, editing their own thoughts and experiences of life, sharing them with each other. Brutal murders are epidemic but hardly anybody seems to care. Solace and Karla, who is in charge of law enforcement in the colony, might be the only ones on the planet who have a chance to unravel what’s going on.

Honestly, it’s much better than the blurb. Get it here:


Smashwords – free for a short period of time! Use the code SM36A until 31 December 2017.

Or ask your library to buy a copy from Smashwords – it’s free for libraries because I think supporting libraries and a culture of reading is important.

Please do leave a review if you feel like it.

And of course you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads.

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